Wednesday, March 10, 2010


That pretty much sums up last night’s raid.

Let’s see, things seemed bad when, during Icecrown trash fights, we twice pulled mobs from the center of the room either due to mistargeting or someone getting too close to a something. Careless.

Prior to our first Marrowgar pull we had an 18 minute break while we waited for our 25th player to log on -- her boyfriend* insisted she was logging on, then she was having trouble, then she was switching computers, then she was replaced. Short of a wipe, nothing kills raid momentum faster than a break like this.

Following this break, we wiped. Twice. The proximal cause was an STD – Sudden Tank Death. As a tank healer, I take a lot of the blame for it. However, on each wipe we also had at least four dps down by the time the tank went down, putting the whole operation in jeopardy anyway.

Following these two wipes, we had a 19 minute break. One of our healers had to leave unexpectedly (not a nerd rage quit). A second one took advantage of that to also drop due to child aggro. Once everyone was replaced we still had to deal with a few straggler afk's, and people who discovered after 15 minutes of doing nothing that they had to go walk the dog or something after all.

We wiped two more times. For real.

At that, we decided to go to Ulduar to kill Ignis for the weekly. Keep in mind that we haven’t set foot in Ulduar since November, and that we typically bypassed Ignis in favor of going after Crybaby and the Keepers. And we haven’t been in Ulduar on 25 man since…August.

Flame Leviathan was easy. Until a few rogue flying machines snuck in and killed us after we defeated FL and got kicked out of our vehicles. I should have been laughing at this point, but as Jules Winfield might have said, I was close to being ‘a mushroom-cloud-layin' motherfucker, ...Superfly T.N.T., ... the Guns of the Navarone!’

We proved how rusty we were on Ignis trash. Though we didn’t wipe, the tanks did not properly position the Molten Colossi, which resulted in some close calls due to silence. We also seemed to have four people tanking at one point, and maybe four healing.

On Ignis himself, while the RL was talking about shattering Golems, someone said ‘why aren’t we just burning down the boss?’ It was decided to ignore the golems and burn down the boss. The problem? This is not a heroic. We got him to about 70%.

Our second attempt on him was a disaster as well. I think we had four healers.

Sum total for the night? An emblem of triumph, a big repair bill and a ton of aggravation.

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

*She's married, with children. He's married, with children. They're not married to each other. They've never met in real life (AFAIK). Yet they're one of those odd 'couples' that you come across from time to time. He was apparently exchanging texts with her while she was trying to log in. These crazy kids and their internet relationships!


  1. Ah, gotta love days like that.

  2. I can laugh about!

    We did salvage the weekly last night at least. Nice and smooth despite a newbie 80 lock who managed all of 800 dps on the fight. He's got some work to do!